July 31, 2020

My name is Centaine but please call me Cents! 

Durban may be where I live but a little family piece of heaven on earth near the Kruger National Park called Ingwelala, is my home. I do not get to visit Ingwelala as often as I would like these days, but whenever I DO get a chance to go, I make sure that my day’s starts with an early morning game drive with a cup of condense milk coffee, a rusk and the sound of the Natal Francolin to welcome the sunrise.  Each day ends with a sun-downer drink in hand at some of our favourite spots enjoying a spectacular African sunset awaiting the first star and the sound of the Night Jars calling. 

From a young age I have always enjoyed photography, I remember taking a picture of lions on my little Samsung flip-up cell phone through one of the eyepieces of my uncle's binoculars and thinking how chuffed and smart I was for getting a 'zoomed' in shot so clearly. My very first 'proper' camera was given to me by someone I had never met.  A gentleman who was a family friend of my best friend’s mom.  The reason for him handing over the Panasonic bridge camera at the time was because he was upgrading his gear and heard I had a passion for taking pictures, he wanted to give me the opportunity that he was never given.  I was totally blown away and my love for photography just grew from there, initially most of my photos were taken whenever I went away to our holiday home in the bush.

During my school years, I had ALWAYS wanted to be a game ranger. After leaving school I did a few correspondence years of study relating to wildlife and nature, and then eventually I went and got my Level One in Field Guiding. However, at this time in my life I was all about becoming independent and after going for an interview to be a junior Field Guide I realized realistically it would not really give me the financial stability and independence that I was aiming for so back to the career drawing board I went. 

While in 'career limbo' I did some time in the corporate world and it killed me, I was just not cut out to be stuck indoors tied to a desk from 9 - 5. 

After a night out with some girlfriends, my chosen path to where I am today came to life.

It has taken me a good few years to really decide what career path best suits me and makes me the happiest.  Today I am very fortunate enough to be a Jane of TWO trades, both of which I am passionate about and LOVE doing. 

A Photographer & A Learn To Swim Teacher. 

Being a swim teacher does in no way hinder my being a photographer, IN FACT, I think it makes me a better one!  As I mentioned before, sitting indoors behind a desk all day is not for me and naturally, with taking photos there is the editing side that comes along with it alongside running your own business and being all facets of my business which requires some PC time. 

So when it's time for me to teach I get to head outdoors, get my daily dose of Vitamin D, fresh air and time away from my computer screen which allows me to reset and clear my head for when I return back home to my office

However, I am more than just a Photographer and Coach, some additional titles added to my list are, WifeyModern Dog MomSlip Slop Queen and Kaalvoet Kind!

Yes you read that last one correctly, I absolutely LOVE walking around barefoot any chance that I can get (If I could shoot a wedding without shoes on I'd be the happiest girl around!) 

Whenever shoes are required a good pair of flip flops are my choice of footwear or perhaps my sneakers if it's absolutely necessary.

I am mother 2 two four-legged furr children, Charlie Brown my 6-year-old Jack Russel and Gizzy my 11-year-old adopted cat (he adopted me by the way)

Everyone needs a support system, and mine is made up of my husband and my family!

When it comes to my family, I have to start from the top of the ladder and work my way down the family tree.  My grandparents on my mom's side have played an enormous role in my life and have been more like second parents than grandparents.  They have both been a HUGE source of encouragement and support throughout my journey in life.  My special mom has been such a pillar of strength and did an AMAZING job raising me as a single parent through my teenage years and has taught me so much in life about how to be strong young woman.  Then I have my mom's twin brothers who are complete polar opposites of each other and have both been strong male figures in my life and have both given me four spectacular and inspiring younger cousins who mean the absolute world to me and whom I love to bits. 

Then there is my dear husband.  We are silly and goofy and that is how we like it.   I have the best hubby ever! Yes, I know exactly what you are thinking, "Cents, that's what EVERY wife says". That may be true but he is my husband and there is no one else like him.  In the 10  years that we have been together, he ALWAYS manages to make me smile and has been my biggest critic and no.1 supporter through thick and thin.  It would take a similarly crazy person to marry me because normal and boring are really words that exist in our vocabulary.

​So that's enough about me.

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