August 3, 2020

Without skipping a beat my immediate answer is HECK YES!!

Having a photobooth at your wedding will be one of the BEST things you ever did to add to the fun and memory of your special day.

Whenever I meet wedding clients for the first time I often get asked about any tips or tricks I could share with them to make thier day run smoothly and to help make it one that will be remembered for years to come.

These tips or tricks can cover a number of facets for your special day, such as referring service providers I have worked with before or tips to help with the timeline of their wedding day.

One question that often pops up is "Do you have any suggestions for entertainment that our guests can be kept busy with while we have our pictures taken?"

My number ONE go-to suggestion is a photo booth and there's ONE company that I always highly recommend right off the bat: Photobooth LAB | Wedding & Corporate Photobooths

Having a photo booth at your wedding can add that little extra fun to any wedding and it can be a source of entertainment for all to enjoy for hours! It's not just a distraction for your guests while you are having your creative photo's done, it is an all-round source of fun that your guests are able to nip off to in between each break of your reception to sneak in a pic or two with you and their friends. It's also a lovely way to give your guests an instant memory and momento that they can take home with them and stick on their fridge to look back on in the months to come following your wedding day.

The team at Photobooth Lab take things one step further by the use of their hashtag printing capabilities. This I think is what I love the most about them.

What is hashtag printing you may ask? Basically in a nutshell, if you have a set hashtag for your wedding day like #mongoosewedding2015 , at any point that your guests post a picture on social media using that hashtag while the booth is up and running, the booths printer immediately picks it up and prints it.

They also have a nice selection of different backdrops you can choose from and they can personalise the message that can be placed at the base of your photo strip.

From a photographers point of view, I absolutely LOVE watching the guests have a jol chopping and changing props in between each picture that is taken and seeing the amount of laughter and giggles it brings about is lovely to see. I also enjoy love to see those moments afterward when your guests see the end result and have a good chuckle looking at the end result.

If I'm being honest, I'm always game for a quick little sesh with my bridal couple in the booth and with my fellow service providers so that I can also take home a special lilltle momento from the day. After all, it's a moment in time that is captured to serve as a constant reminder about the fun we all had on your wedding day.

I also really like that as the client, you are given access to an entire gallery of all the guest's photo's taken at the booth which is posted on the Photobooth Lab's Facebook page the next day, so you can go have a look at all the rad moments your guests enjoyed and those that you enjoyed with them.

Jarryd and Emma are really passionate about providing the absolute BEST service they can to all their clients and as a fellow wedding industry service provider, it is always nice to work with like-minded service providers who ensure that the client's best interests are kept a top priority throughout the day.

There are two things that I always advice my clients on when ever they think about booking ANY service providers for their wedding day:

ONE: Make sure that you try to meet the service provider face-to-face before booking them, if you are abroad or live in a different province and cannot do 'in-person' , technology is great these days - have a quick Zoom meeting or Skype call. Why you may ask? Well obviously you can put a face to the name of the provider that you are about to hire, but more importantly you can have a conversation with them and see what type of person they are, if your personalities work together or clash. These are really important things to bear in mind because if you don't get one with your service providers from the start your wedding day MIGHT not be as great as you want it to be.

TWO: Ask for referals from those service providers that you have booked or want to book. We work in the industry ALL the time, we know who works well and who may not be so great. Plus, as a photographer - I will always refer companies to my clients whom I know are punctual, professional and passionate about their jobs. If my client accepts my recommendations I know that on the day of their wedding we will be the DREAM TEAM that they deserve and will ALL have their needs as our priority.

As a photographer, I know that taking my photographs are important but they should not be the main highlight or focus of my client's wedding day, the main focus should be my client! I want them to have the most AMAZING day and have an absolute blast from start to finish.

It is their day NOT mine!!

So if you want to add a rad little extra to your wedding day invest in hiring the team at The Photobooth Lab - I promise you won't regret it!!

So head on over to their website by clicking the link below and give Jarryd or Emma a shout and book your photo booth today!

(P.S: All images were taken direct from The Photo Booth Lab website)

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